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Dr Elisabeth Karsten

Co-Founder & Senior Scientist
Dr Elisabeth Karsten has over 8 years research and technology development experience in the medical and biotechnology research sector. Her research has encompassed red blood cell biology, biomaterials, adult stem cells, and multiplex protein analysis. Elisabeth’s recent work has been focused on developing rapid techniques to enable red blood cell isolation from finger prick and venous blood samples.

Whilst completing her PhD, Elisabeth co-founded Sangui Bio along with Ben Herbert and Alan Liddle in 2015. Her PhD research underpins much of the red blood cell intellectual property that is the focus of Sangui Bio. Elisabeth has broad experience in blood sampling, separation of blood cells, and the multiplex analysis of proteins involved in inflammation and immune regulation. Dr Karsten has 8 years experience working for biotech companies and in the research and development of commercially valuable products including a laser activated suture replacement, stem cell therapies, and blood based diagnostics.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Intellectual Property

Dr Karsten is an inventor on three of Sangui Bio’s patent applications and has worked closely with Jones Day, our US legal and patent firm to draft the patent specification and to progress the patent applications through national phase examination. These patent applications cover the discoveries of Sangui Bio surrounding the analysis and use of red blood cells in medical research.

Research Impact and Contribution

In 2017, Dr Karsten completed a PhD in the Herbert Laboratory at the Kolling Institute and Sydney Medical School. Elisabeth has published 15 peer reviewed papers, five conference papers and is an experienced speaker in both academic and commercial settings. She is heavily involved in the scientific community and is a member of four scientific societies. Over her short career, her research papers have already been cited 453 times and have received attention on social media.

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