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Clinical network

Sangui Bio is based at the Kolling Institute, which is located in the Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) on the north shore of Sydney. The NSLHD services approximately one million people. The Kolling Institute is the longest-running medical research institute in New South Wales, holding a key role in research activities for over 100 years. It is jointly managed by the NSLHD and the University of Sydney.

Within the NSLHD, the main precinct comprises the Royal North Shore Hospital, a major public hospital, the North Shore Private Hospital, and the North Shore Health Hub, which houses a number of major private healthcare providers such as Ramsey Health and GenesisCare.

Sangui Bio benefits from being part of this high volume tertiary clinical network through access to high quality research facilities and an efficient ethics and regulatory infrastructure with low resource burden for companies and fast regulatory approvals. There is also an Australian rebate scheme to support research and development costs.

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