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About us

Sangui Bio was founded in 2015 to exploit commercial opportunities from discoveries that enabled new ways of studying blood and identifying disease biomarkers. The company is based at the Kolling Institute, a partnership between the Northern Sydney Local Health District and The University of Sydney, located at Royal North Shore Hospital. This location provides Sangui Bio with a significant advantage enabling access to the clinical trial capacity and the network of clinicians, researchers and world-class infrastructure at this large health hub.
Sangui Bio’s discoveries in blood analysis have enabled deep novel understandings about fundamental inflammatory and immune regulatory functions that have potential applications across biomarker discovery, diagnostics and therapeutic targets for most diseases including cancer, cardiac, metabolic, degenerative, autoimmune and infection.
Sangui Bio has developed technologies and methods that go beyond conventional in-clinic venous blood analyses. At-home patient-centric longitudinal micro-sampling is ideal for addressing biomarker tracking or discovery requirements using a multi-omics approach. Sangui Bio uses Neoteryx Mitra devices for micro-sampling and has developed proprietary methods to maximise biomarker identification from dried blood samples by enabling sequential extraction. The sequential extractions are suitable for immuno-assay and mass spectrometry and the current methodology enables the detection and quantification of ~4,000 proteins from a single 30mL dried blood spot. This approach facilitates analysis of blood proteome fractions that are not commonly examined, such as intra-cellular proteins, membrane proteins including cell surface markers and cytokines that are present in the cellular fractions. Sangui Bio has extended their multi-omics platform with the PCR quantification of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) mutants such as EGFR and KRAS from dried blood spots.

Our Expertise

Exploratory proteomics
Vascular and microsample fractionation
Integrated clinical network
Mass Spectrometry
Modular longitudinal analysis
Unique, cost-effective scalable technologies
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