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Alan Liddle

Alan has over 30 years of research and executive management experience in the medical and the biotechnology research sector encompassing immunology and bio-therapeutics for cancer and auto-immune diseases, cardiology, neuroplasticity, microbiome, regenerative medicine, and rehabilitation Alan is also a co-founder and director of Sangui Bio Pty Ltd.

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Currently, Alan is a co-founder and director of Haemalogix Pty Ltd, a biotechnology company focused on immuno-therapeutics for treating cancer and autoimmune diseases, including monoclonal antibodies and CAR T-cell technologies. Haemalogix Pty Ltd has a collaborations for the development of CAR T-cells for the treatment of multiple myeloma and is in a phase IIb multiple myeloma trial with its kappamab antibody.

In 2001, Alan co-founded and was the CEO and director of Immune System Therapeutics Ltd (IST). During his tenure, from 2001 to 2011, IST developed genetically engineered antibodies to treat B-cell related abnormalities in cancer and autoimmune diseases. IST had co-development/collaboration/commercialisation agreements with University of Technology, Sydney and Medarex Inc/BMS Inc. based on two of IST’s targets and monoclonal antibodies. IST successfully completed phase I and phase IIa clinical trials with its primary antibody therapy for multiple myeloma at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. This program is now managed by Haemalogix.

Prior to IST Alan was a founder, CEO, and Director of Micromedical Industries Limited (MM) from 1986. Over 12 years he built MM from a start-up medical engineering company to an ASX listed, international provider of medical monitoring and diagnostic products, and developer of artificial heart technologies. MM achieved several USA FDA approvals for cardiac monitoring and diagnostic products. It built the NASA Space shuttle astronaut cardiac monitoring system, provided cardiac monitoring systems and devices for emergency care home care and rehabilitation, and built the Victor Chang and VentrAssit Artificial Heart devices.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Prior to starting his biomedical career and completing his business studies Alan was a neuropsychologist researcher working in brain development, neuroplasticity, and rehabilitation at the University of Sydney with particular emphasis on optimizing the rehabilitation of intellectual function in patients with brain injuries. He was the co-inventor of the neurological development and rehabilitation software program – Dynamind3D.

Alan was Chairman of the NSW committee of AusBiotech 2008-2009, and a Non-Executive Director of Minomic Ltd (monoclonal based diagnostics and therapeutics in prostate, bladder and pancreatic cancers). He is a co-founder and retired director of Mothers Babies Pty Ltd – a charity that funds translational research and trials pertaining to microbiome health and immunology in pregnancy. He has a BA (Hons Psych) from University of Sydney and an MBA from University of NSW, and he is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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