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Red blood cells are immune cells

Sangui Bio’s discoveries are changing our understanding of immunology

Red blood cells are the most abundant cell type in humans and the conventional view is that they are highly specialised cells that only function in the transport of gas. However, data from our research demonstrates that this perspective is now outdated.

Sangui Bio has discovered that red blood cells are a major reservoir for over 80 key proteins involved in signalling and inflammation. Our research has demonstrated that red blood cells play a much broader role in regulating inflammation by binding and releasing signalling proteins and directly affecting immune cell activity.

Cytokines are small, secreted signalling proteins, that act locally and systemically on a variety of cells. Cytokines regulate inflammation and the immune response. Due to their wide pro- and anti-inflammatory effects, cytokines have been implicated in most disease processes. However, very low cytokine concentrations in plasma means that they are difficult to use as diagnostic tools. Sangui Bio’s breakthrough discovery enables significantly more data to be obtained from a single blood sample and is already changing how clinical groups study biomarkers.

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