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Lifestyle data

Longitudinal sampling is an important aspect of the Sangui Bio platform because it enables a clearer view of chronic issues as well as acute changes.

Case study

By tracking lifestyle changes along with daily dried blood sample collection, we were able to track and identify an acute injury event. Inflammation and muscular damage markers all increased significantly after injury as seen in Figure 1. This enables the researchers to identify and understand outlier data, context which is inherently lost in single time point studies lacking lifestyle data.

Cytokine change with injury.png

Furthermore, incorporation of additional lifestyle data for an entire study group (BMI, diet, exercise, alcohol, smoking, and stress) enabled identification of two distinct populations based on correlation between lifestyle and BMI, enabling unique methods for patient stratification.

Figure 1.   Cytokine concentration data from dried blood samples from a single biological replicate showing a significant spike in concentration of CRP, SAA, GDF-15, Myoglobin, sICAM, and D-Dimer following acute injury that occured between timepoint 6 and 7.

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